SAZEH KHAVAR Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) philosophy is to manage all work activities using a strategic Health, Safety and Environmental process founded on management commitment, personnel accountability, internationally recognised standards, appropriate level of training, fairness, and a system of HSE performance measurement.

SAZEH KHAVAR has a strong commitment to Quality, Safety, Health and Environment and provides support on HSE matters as they relate to our business activities to prevent injuries, pollution of the environment and damage or loss to property or equipment.

SAZEH KHAVAR recognises the success of the policy requires objective monitoring and, if necessary, implementing remedial actions and to achieve it we:

Foster a positive HSE focused culture throughout our organisation.

Ensure that all of our people are responsible for meeting our HSE standards and those working under their supervision.

Treat the HSE aspects of any work activity with equal value to commercial, productivity, and quality aspects.

Ensure that appropriate remedial actions are taken to correct and prevent similar events being repeated.

Endeavour to minimise the environment impact of our activities by preventing pollution and minimising waste.

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